Fueling Ambition.

We are all about powerful financing; financing that changes lives, propels the growth of businesses, and becomes the driving force of an economy.

Everybody lends but our innovative technology, exceptional engineering, and superior risk assessment transform lending into what it should be: empowerment.

Protium Edge.

Razor-sharp and a cut above the rest. Here's why:

Fortress Balance Sheet.

  • Strong equity-led asset base
  • Focus on asset quality and operate with low leverage
  • Lend responsibly to ensure profitability and value creation

Engineering Finance.

  • Driving digitalisation using technology, data science, and analytics
  • Built all our core proprietary systems in-house
  • Scalable systems that deliver industry’s best lending APIs and underwriting capabilities

Digital First.

  • Innovative fintech product - empowers millions through credit
  • High-quality credit solutions ensure speed, efficiency, and convenience
  • We’re not just where you are now; we’re everywhere you could ever need us

Protium Impact.

  • 74 cities
  • 86 branches
  • 2,800+ employees
  • 15,000+ pin codes
  • 8,35,000+ customers

Protium Life.

Inclusivity, diversity, and talent are a catalyst for transformation.

Our people are our greatest asset and we know it. Our team consists of the world's best banking, finance, and tech professionals, but that’s not all; they come from every academic, social, and ethnic background imaginable. This creates a work environment where each one of us can learn, collaborate and contribute. We believe in winning together and we do that by investing in each and every individual's talent and potential.

Protium Testimonials.


“I wanted to invest in my business so I applied and got a loan of 2.5 lakhs within 48 hours. I was very happy I got the funds when I needed them. Thanks to Protium!”

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Nitish Kumar Jha

“Early Settlement Program enabled me to be more productive and efficient, giving me the freedom and time to focus on running the business... Thank you to team Protium for the service!”


Yash Prajapati

“Protium’s Surat branch provided us a loan for our business needs. It was a quick, convenient and hassle-free experience. We’re really thankful to Protium for fulfilling our needs!”


Mahipal Yadav

“We faced many cash flow problems in 2020. We connected with Protium Sakshara during that time. The entire process was very fast and approval was given immediately. We were left in no uncertainty. Thanks to Protium Sakshara, we are now in a healthy position.”