A Day In The Life.

When we say we fuel people’s ambitions, we don’t just mean our customers.

We have quite deliberately built a team this is comprised of both seasoned professionals in their respective fields as well as bright and eager minds that are just starting their careers. We come from every educational, cultural and socio-economic background imaginable and we bring our considerable life experiences and unique perspectives to the table. This results in an environment that invites creation, collaboration, and innovation in equal measure.

Our people are our greatest asset, and their diversity is our greatest strength which is why we deeply invest in their potential. We celebrate constructive failures just as much as we recognize key successes because we ultimately learn, grow and win together.

Engineering Finance

Engineering is in our DNA and is at the core of everything we do at Protium. We leverage the best from our use of technology, analytics and data sciences to build out comprehensive financing solutions and services. We approach finance problems with an engineer’s mindset and use first principles to transcend the solution, pushing the boundaries of what can be made possible for the benefit of our customers. By engineering finance, we challenge and expand on well-established methods of lending and are poised to rebuild the plumbing of the Indian financial system.