• Understanding Collateral for Business Loans

    Synopsis: Collateral in a business loan reduces risk for lenders and interest rates. Businesses can pledge various types of collateral. In this regard, understanding collateral types, eligibility and LTV (Loan-to-Value) ratios-a metric to compare the borrowed money against the value... View Article

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  • Business loan closing documents

    Business Loan Closing Documents: What to Expect

    Synopsis: Understanding your closing documents holds significant importance for a smooth and successful loan experience. These documents solidify the agreed-upon terms, including repayment details, potential fees, and your obligations. Therefore, getting yourself familiarized with these documents empowers you to make... View Article

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  • Small Business Tips

    Key Terms to Understand in a Business Loan Agreement Copy

    Synopsis: Understanding the key terms in a business loan agreement is crucial for confidently dealing with the borrowing process and avoiding unwelcoming surprises. This quick guide will easily familiarize you with the most commonly used key terms in a typical... View Article

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  • Business Loan Amortization: All That You Should Know

    Synopsis: Amortization is a financial concept that helps you understand how your loan is repaid over time. By creating a predictable payment schedule, amortization makes budgeting and financial planning a breeze. This guide will explore how amortization works and learn... View Article

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  • The Psychology of Borrowing: Behavioural Economic Insights for Lending Companies

    Synopsis: Understanding the psychology of borrowing is crucial for lending companies to examine the emotional burden of debt and its impact on borrowers’ well-being. This knowledge prepares lenders to design loan offerings and communication strategies that resonate with borrowers while... View Article

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  • Digital Transformation in Lending

    Consumer Behavior Trends in Borrowing: Implications for Lending Companies

    Synopsis: Tech is reshaping how consumers borrow, with P2P, BNPL, mobile banking, and Open Banking leading the charge. Read ahead to know more about how these innovations are transforming the lending landscape and shaping the future of finance. The way... View Article

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