Protium FAQs.


We’re currently working hard to compile your questions and queries and will have all the answers ready for you shortly. Until then, should you need immediate assistance, please reach out to our customer support team at 8828820004 or email us at

1. What does canceling your mandate mean?

Protium takes monthly EMIs and payments because of a mandate/standing instruction that allows us to auto-debit these payments from your loan account. If you were to cancel the existing mandate linked to your account, we would not be able to process any auto-debits from your bank account, which means you would have to make all further payments and dues manually. Any delay in making payments manually would lead to late payment fees and penalties charged to you and would adversely impact your CIBIL score.

2. If I cancel my mandate, is the cancellation permanent or temporary?

If you were to cancel the mandate linked to your account, the cancellation would be permanent.

3. If I want to utilize the credit facility post-cancellation, how do I do that?

Should you want to auto-debit payments from your automatically at any point in the future, the mandate would need to be registered once again.

4. Will cancellations be considered as deactivation?

No, cancellation will be subject to clearing any dues and fees owed to Protium as per our company policies.

5. Can I pause/stop the mandate instead of cancellation/deactivation?

Yes, you can definitely pause your mandate/standing instruction to auto-debit from your account if you do not wish to use the facility for a few months. You can resume the mandate at your convenience with no extra charges.

6. How can I resume the mandate if paused?

You can place a request with us to resume the mandate when you’re ready.

7. Who do I connect with in case I have queries?

You can call us at 080-471-87889 should you have any queries regarding your mandate/standing instruction.

8. Where can I place the cancellation request?

You can place the request by filling out the form on this link:

9. How do I revoke consent given for Account Aggregator (AA)?

You can visit Account Aggregator (AA) website or AA app to revoke the consent. currently Protium has partnered with OneMoney Account aggregator so you may visit

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