Invest in Building Bright Futures.

At Protium, we know that investing in education pays the best interest. Just like in schooling, there's no on-size-fits-all in financial solutions for schools. We're committed to elevating the quality of India's education system so we can step into a better future together.

  • Infrastructure Upgrade.

    Our solutions help schools fund infrastructure upgrades, like repairs, maintenance work, new block set-up, digital infrastructure for Smart classes, and new furniture.

  • Working Capital Finance.

    We know managing the day-to-day workings of a school is no mean feat. This solution helps in bridging any short-term gaps in your working capital.

  • Covid Support Program.

    Reduced fees collection and ECLGS EMI payments during COVID-19 have greatly impacted schools. Our support program helps you keep your financial commitments in these tough times.

  • New School Acquisition.

    Should you be looking to acquire a new school, and are falling short of capital in the process, our solutions can help you finance your growth seamlessly.

Get the Advantage.

2020’s National Education Policy outlined the changes our education system needs to undergo in order to cultivate the bright young minds of the future. We’re empowering countless schools across the nation, be it to better their infrastructure or to meet their short-term financial needs through working capital loans. We deeply understand the unique needs of different educational institutions and customize our financial solutions to bring their vision to life swiftly, efficiently, and responsibly.

Protium Testimonials.

Bhawani Shankar Saini

“Like all schools, we too faced many difficulties due to COVID. We partnered with Protium Sakshara for financing the construction of our own campus. Our experience was seamless. We are grateful that we received funding through Protium Sakshara in these difficult times.”


Nitish Kumar Jha

“Early Settlement Program enabled me to be more productive and efficient, giving me the freedom and time to focus on running the business... Thank you to team Protium for the service!”


Yash Prajapati

“Protium’s Surat branch provided us a loan for our business needs. It was a quick, convenient and hassle-free experience. We’re really thankful to Protium for fulfilling our needs!”


Mahipal Yadav

“We faced many cash flow problems in 2020. We connected with Protium Sakshara during that time. The entire process was very fast and approval was given immediately. We were left in no uncertainty. Thanks to Protium Sakshara, we are now in a healthy position.”