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  • Digital Transformation in Lending

    Consumer Behavior Trends in Borrowing: Implications for Lending Companies

    Synopsis: Tech is reshaping how consumers borrow, with P2P, BNPL, mobile banking, and Open Banking leading the charge. Read ahead to know more about how these innovations are transforming the lending landscape and shaping the future of finance. The way... View Article

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  • Fintech, Lending Models

    Innovative Lending Models in FinTech

    Synopsis: The rising popularity of small and independent businesses has challenged fintech lenders to develop innovative lending models to acquire the market. Let’s examine some of the popular lending models and understand how they work. Traditional lending practices have significantly... View Article

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  • The Best Practices for Credit Risk Management in SMEs and How to Optimize their Capital Structure and Liquidity 

    Synopsis: Read this blog to gain actionable insights on managing credit risk and optimizing their capital structure in SMEs for improved liquidity and financial health.  If you are running an SME in India, it is exciting; managing finances can feel... View Article

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  • How to Negotiate Better Terms for your MSME Loan

    Synopsis: MSMEs significantly contribute to India’s GDP growth. However, when it comes to seeking financial aid, they face challenges in securing a loan at better terms due to a lack of proper negotiation tactics. Read this article to discover key... View Article

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  • Impact of New GST Regime on Indian Finance

    Impact of the New GST Regime on the Indian Financial Sector

    Synopsis: The new GST regime has brought a unified tax system to ease taxpayers from cascading taxes and revive the finance sector like never before. Yet, it also poses new challenges for businesses to comply with frequently changing terms and... View Article

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  • Credit Score Impact

    Streamlining Payment Processes: A Manual on Restructuring Loans

    Synopsis: Loan restructuring allows borrowers to modify terms like interest rates and tenures to pay back loans under challenging economic situations. Join us as we explore how the loan restructuring process works and expert tips to make the most out... View Article

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