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    Beyond the Credit Score: Leveraging the Power of Alternative Data in Business Loan Decisions 

    MSMEs are turning to NBFCs, which use alternative data to assess the creditworthiness and financial health of small businesses to make informed decisions. Let’s understand how NBFCs leverage different sources of alternate data to assess borrowers’ creditworthiness beyond traditional credit... View Article

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  • importance of disclosure statements in business loans.

    Disclosure Statements in a Business Loan

    Synopsis: In the booming business loan market, disclosure statements are essential for reducing risk and ensuring a smooth loan process for both borrowers and lenders. Learn about their importance, types and applications from the perspective of lenders and borrowers in... View Article

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  • Small Business Tips

    Key Terms to Understand in a Business Loan Agreement Copy

    Synopsis: Understanding the key terms in a business loan agreement is crucial for confidently dealing with the borrowing process and avoiding unwelcoming surprises. This quick guide will easily familiarize you with the most commonly used key terms in a typical... View Article

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  • Business Loan Amortization: All That You Should Know

    Synopsis: Amortization is a financial concept that helps you understand how your loan is repaid over time. By creating a predictable payment schedule, amortization makes budgeting and financial planning a breeze. This guide will explore how amortization works and learn... View Article

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  • NBFC Business Loans

    Business Loan from an NBFC is a Better Option—Know Why

    Synopsis: The business landscape in 2024 will witness remarkable growth, with experts advising an uptick in demand for fast loans among enterprises aiming to seize lucrative opportunities. In this regard, explore why NBFCs might be a better fit for your... View Article

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  • FinTech Solutions for MSMEs

    FinTechs Empowering MSMEs to Overcome Creditworthiness Concerns 

    Synopsis: The traditional financing process for MSMEs is time-consuming and often involves excessive documentation. However, with FinTechs dominating the financial market, the creditworthiness issues for MSMEs have drastically reduced. Read along as we discuss how they are doing it and... View Article

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