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  • Explore the evolution of KYC and the transformative impact of Protium's engineering-driven KYC model on streamlining customer onboarding. Read now.

    KYC: An industry guide to its significance and evolution

    Synopsis: In today’s blog, we will discuss the evolution and significance of the KYC process in light of the recent revision to the KYC rules by the RBI.  Know your customer (KYC) verification is no longer exclusive to a physical... View Article

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  • Explore how do real-time banking insights facilitates customers in improving their financial planning and management. Read now to learn how Protium can help here.

    How do real-time banking insights help you better control your finances?

    Synopsis: With new-age financial institutions gaining access to alternate sources of data and leveraging AI/ML models to dExeliver personalized financial services, the utility of accessing real-time banking insights for decision-making has never been more conspicuous. Below, we discuss the role... View Article

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  • Explore how reducing software entropy can help improve the stability of their systems, unlocking the potential for exponential growth and success. Read now.

    Unlocking the potential of lenders: How does reducing software entropy build a strong foundation for the future?

    Synopsis: With lenders increasingly becoming reliant on tech systems to provide quick and seamless credit services to their clients, the accumulation of software entropy in their systems has become a cause for concern. In today’s blog, we will discuss how... View Article

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  • Loan Origination System: A Lender’s Go-to Tool That Drives Value

    Synopsis: A loan origination system manages the entire lending process, from origination through distribution. Read along to understand more about how it drives value to a lender. Giving out loans should be easy, but the traditional way of doing it... View Article

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  • All about embedded finance – The next big thing in finance

    Synopsis: In this blog, we will cover the concept of Embedded Finance. It will provide you with a better understanding of what Embedded Finance is, how it is related to BaaS, its benefits, and more importantly, its growth drivers. Traditional... View Article

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  • Smartphones: A Significant Catalyst for Driving Credit Penetration in India

    Synopsis: In today’s article, we will provide a succinct review of the credit sector and how it is being transformed through the influx of smartphones and tech-based lending platforms, thus benefiting the credit-deprived masses of India. It is common knowledge... View Article

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