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  • What Are the Risks Associated with Informal Sources of Credit?

    Synopsis: This blog delineates the risks inherent in accessing informal credit and expounds on the rationale for opting for formal lending institutions. There is no denying that accessing timely credit is essential to achieving individual empowerment and driving economic growth.... View Article

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  • Explore how the human-machine collaborative approach & proprietary tech models are transforming the credit underwriting process. Read now.

    Why is there a need for a new approach to credit underwriting?

    Synopsis: This article discusses the need for elevating the traditional credit underwriting process by deploying a human-machine collaborative approach to envelop the credit unserved and underserved in the formal lending ecosystem.  The Indian lending market has a credit gap problem—a... View Article

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  • A Comprehensive Guide to Credit Risk Models

    Synopsis: In today’s blog, we will elaborate on some of the basics of credit risk models that lenders utilize to evaluate a borrower’s creditworthiness.  Over the recent years, the lending landscape, particularly in the context of credit risk management, has... View Article

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  • A Guide To Managing Credit Risks For A Strong Bottom Line. Explore now.

    A Guide To Managing Credit Risks For A Strong Bottom Line

    Synopsis: An effective credit risk management policy can assist lenders in improving their performance and beating out their competition. We understand what goes into building an effective credit risk management framework below. The COVID-19 crisis put credit risk management back... View Article

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