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  • Explore 5 actionable ways that platform merchants can adopt to save money and boost their profit margins in the long run. Read now to learn.

    5 Ways Platform Merchants Can Save Money and Boost Profit Margins

    entrepreneurship. Platform merchants keep a watch on its profits margin, which is the most accurate indicator of how successful their sales efforts are in relation to your expenses. What is meant by Profit Margin? The total sum of money you... View Article

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  • 6-simple-ways-to-manage-finances-as-a-platform-seller. Explore now to learn.

    6 simple ways to manage finances as a platform seller

    Synopsis: Sound money management is the cornerstone of every successful small business. Below, we spotlight six easy ways to effectively manage your finances as a platform seller. The Indian eCommerce sector is booming and is forecasted to eclipse the US... View Article

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