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  • Entrepreneurship Success

    Understanding India’s Driving Force Behind Female Entrepreneurship Success

    Synopsis: India’s fintech sector is witnessing a rise in female-led entrepreneurs, shattering stereotypes and empowering women entrepreneurs. This article explores the driving forces and impact of this phenomenon. India is among the leading countries for fintech innovation and growth, with... View Article

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  • Impact of New GST Regime on Indian Finance

    Impact of the New GST Regime on the Indian Financial Sector

    Synopsis: The new GST regime has brought a unified tax system to ease taxpayers from cascading taxes and revive the finance sector like never before. Yet, it also poses new challenges for businesses to comply with frequently changing terms and... View Article

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  • The Comparison of Different FinTech Lending Models and Products for MSMEs

    Snippet: This guide compares different fintech lending models and products for MSMEs and highlights their execution challenges for fintech companies. Fintech lending is a game changer for MSMEs. It offers flexibility to MSMEs to choose from different lending models as... View Article

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  • Fintech Solutions for Small Businesses

    The Competitive Advantage and Differentiation of Lending for MSMEs 

    Synopsis: MSMEs are vital to the economy yet face financing challenges. This issue presents a unique advantage for lending platforms that adopt effective differentiation strategies. Join us as we explore how these platforms achieve market success by focusing on MSME... View Article

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  • Advice for MSMEs

    Tips and Advice for MSMEs to Choose the Right FinTech Partner

    Synopsis: This guide talks about the proven tips on finding an ideal fintech partner for MSMEs to minimize risks and easily leverage the advantages of fintech lending. The latest TransUnion CIBIL-SIDBI MSME Pulse Report indicates commercial credit momentum continues gaining... View Article

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  • FinTech-Lending

    The Risks and Mitigation Strategies of FinTech Lending for MSMEs 

    Synopsis: This guide explores the risks involved in fintech lending for MSMEs and highlights best practices to minimize risks and easily leverage the advantages of fintech lending.   Fintech companies are changing how MSMEs can access loans. They ensure MSMEs get... View Article

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